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It was 1986 when I left my hometown of Christiana in Jamaica and moved to Tampa to attend USF. As a young man I was marveled and excited by the great opportunities this country offered and after Graduating from USF I wanted to do something Special for Tampa. That is when my dream began. The dream of introducing Jamaica and colorful melting pot of its cuisine culture to Tampa.

In Christiana I grew up in a family of four siblings and cousins with my mom, dad and gramma. Our days were spent mostly in the kitchen where we learned to cook Jamaica's most delicious and complex dishes. Where we were drawn by the exotic aromas of the colorful spices and herbs that make Jamaican Cuisine so unique. It was in that small kitchen where I was taught the importance of tradition and the rituals of cooking. The right way to marinate our chicken; the lengthy process of smoking a select variety of fresh herbs to make our distinguished Jerk seasoning. A tradition passed on by the indigenous people of Jamaica who would hunt Boars and then smoke herbs to preserve it. It was centuries later that the same process was applied to Chicken. And today we take pride in keeping these traditions alive and serving these to our extended family in Tampa.

At Jerk Hut we take pride in preparing all our dishes from scratch. We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients. We import fresh herbs and spices to make our Jerk Seasoning using the traditional smoking technique passed down to me through generations. You cannot leave without trying our Best in Tampa Jerk Chicken served with our Famous Andrew's Redd Sauce that marries so well with the rice and the chicken: Put it on Everything Man!

Now sit back, enjoy the aromas, the flavors, the music, the people, and the colors of my country. Welcome to my Way of Life and Thank you for making my Dream Come True.

Andrew Ashmeade - Owner and Operator since 1993